M.D., 1957, Saint Louis University
Research Interests
Areas of research include: (i) experimental approaches to treatment of murine beta-glucuronidase deficiency mucopolysaccharidosis (Sly syndrome), (ii) biochemical and molecular genetics of human deficiencies of beta-glucuronidase and carbonic anhydrases, and (iii) developing transgenic mice and mouse models of human disease by targeted mutagenesis.
Recent Publications
  • Therapies for the bone in mucopolysaccharidosis.
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  • First human treatment with investigational rhGUS enzyme replacement therapy in an advanced stage MPS VII patient.
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  • The Nobel path of cellular proteins.
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  • Enzyme replacement therapy in newborn mucopolysaccharidosis IVA mice: Early treatment rescues bone lesions?
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  • Expression patterns and subcellular localization of carbonic anhydrases are developmentally regulated during tooth formation.
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  • Luminol-based chemiluminescent signals: clinical and non-clinical application and future uses.
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  • Expression of cancer-related carbonic anhydrases IX and XII in normal skin and skin neoplasms.
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  • Mitochondrial carbonic anhysrase VA deficiency resulting from CA5A alterations presents with hyperammonemia in early childhood.
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  • High resolution crystal structure of human beta-glucuronidase reveals structural basis of lysosome targeting.
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  • Membrane associated carbonic anhydrase IV (CA IV): A personal and historical perspective.
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  • Enzyme replacement therapy on hypophosphatasia mouse model.
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  • GPI-anchored carbonic anhydrase IV displays both intra-and extracellular activity in cRNA-injected oocytes and in mouse neurons.
    Schneider HP, Alt MD, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. (2013) 110(4):1494-9.