Diagnosing Inborn Errors of Metabolism

The Metabolic Screening Lab is devoted to the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism and nutritional defects by gas chromatography mass spectrometry. Our method of sample preparation (J. Chrom. Biomed. Appl. 562 (1991) 125-138) permits quantitation of carbohydrates, amino and organic acids all in the same sample.

This is a CLIA-certified and inspected facility, (26D0652021), with California Medi-Cal Provider Number XLAB01210.

Dr. Shoemaker holds State of New York Certificate of Qualification Code SHOEJ1 for Biochemical Genetics and Clinical Laboratory Permit PFI #5451, Code 826040A4.

Sample requirements:
1-2 ml urine or 0.4-1.0 ml serum, CSF or vitreous fluid shipped overnight on dry ice.

We are happy to bill patients or third parties if billing information is supplied.
Institutions willing to pay directly on monthly invoice may do so on the following terms:
  $300/sample to be paid within 30 days.

Download this PDF for a complete set of normal ranges based on age.

Dr. James Shoemaker, M.D., Ph.D.
1205 Carr Lane
St. Louis, MO 63104

Urease method files: Shoemaker urease method.zip